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Our Vision

To disrupt the ocean of a talent search industry and help guide our clients thru a new standard of talent sourcing. We will be relentless yet kind, straightforward yet friendly, engaged yet insightful, successful yet humble, persistent yet professional, driven yet respectful.

Our Approach

Talent shortages pose serious issues for many companies. If you’re in search of filling open positions with quality new employees, a professional recruitment agency, like  Helmsman Group, can help. While hiring the biggest and most-well known staffing agency might seem like the solution to your staffing problems, there are many reasons why a specialized boutique agency is the better option. A boutique recruitment agency is typically classified as a smaller, specialized recruitment firm that emphasizes exceptional customer service. Here are some of the main advantages of boutique recruitment agencies.


If you work in a niche field and are searching for a specialized applicant with a refined skillset, boutique recruiting firms are often the best solution.  


Often, the process of finding the perfect client can be completed much faster with a boutique agency than a traditional staffing firm. 


Lager staffing agencies with massive client pools often sacrifice quality for quantity. Boutique recruitment firms, however, prioritize getting to know their clients, so that they can match them with highly-qualified candidates. Due to the smaller number of clients, they can really focus on finding quality matches, rather than filling a large quota or placements.


The method of quality over quantity applies to the staff of boutique agencies, as well as the clients that they find. Boutique recruitment agencies are typically composed entirely of elite, seasoned recruiters with extensive experience. As such, there is a single point of contact for each client. 

Helmsman Group is a 100% Service Disabled Veteran Owned company dedicated to help accelerate our clients hires and talent placements. We have over 20 years experience and over 30 years in industry knowledge.

For our talent. We are a team with shared goals; mindfully placing candidates in the workforce to successfully fulfill their career desires and goals — while coaching them thru the process.


For our clients, we are creating a new kind of talent acquisition firm that values time, personalization, commitment, impact, boldness and achievement. At Helmsman Group, you are at the "helm" of our success.

Experienced Leadership

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