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Our Services

When you decide to work with Helmsman Group and our Partners you are not just adding an industry-leading technology solutions provider to your team …

You are also adding our technology partners, which happen to be some of the most successful and respected companies in the world.

We have formed alliances with leading technology companies to ensure we are able to provide the most innovative and most effective solutions to our clients no matter how complex the IT issues are.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Sustainable growth requires a new operating model, one that's anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes.

Recruitment process services bring together the power of technology with human ingenuity to handle everything from simple, everyday task-based processes to the more complex data-driven practices that serve businesses’ needs tomorrow.

Digital Transformation

As experienced digital transformation service providers, we help you understand emerging technologies, manage ideation, build business cases, and deliver disruptive solutions. We don’t just offer innovation in a slide presentation; we roll up our sleeves and build together. We help you develop new models; enhance devices, equipment, and non-electronic objects with sensors; implement smart controls; and tap into sensor data to become more efficient and reach new markets.

Complex IT Projects

We can bring you IT consulting resources together and manage the most complex IT projects in your portfolio.  Whether it is ERP migrations, Cloud migrations, or other complex projects we have the resources to bring your projects to a successful completion. 

CIO Advisory and IT Strategy

Helping today’s IT leader to become the innovation and growth enablement hub of the enterprise through new technology strategy and adoption and new business model approaches.

Our CIO Advisory team is helping organizations all over the world transform their operating model to succeed in the new normal – scaling up digitization and cloud transformation programs, optimizing costs, and accelerating value realization. Our solutions focus on the big-ticket value items on the C-Suite agenda, providing a deep link between business and IT to help you lead with influence beyond the back-office remit.

Cloud Technology 

Helmsman Group and our Partners help organizations transform their IT environment with cost-effective Cloud services. Our team of experts delivers cutting-edge Cloud computing consulting services that help companies boost their productivity to new heights.

IT Consultants Staffing

In the most competitive IT employment talent market ever, you need a trusted partner, like Helmsman Group, to help you find the talent resources you need for your organization and avoid the hurdles of the Great Resignation.


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What Our Clients Say


Vice President, RGP

I’ve had the pleasure to know Mike on both a personal and a professional basis. Mike is a man of high integrity, and you know where you stand with him. Mike has also been able to help my clients and me by finding right-fit resources when no one else could. Mike continually works to meet and exceed the expectations of his customers by maintaining open communication and anticipating their needs.
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