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Is "The Cloud" right for me?

Six Drivers for Going Cloud

The six drivers for making the move to the cloud fall under two main categories: 1) Business drivers: including business growth, efficiency, experience, and 2) Technology drivers: including agility, cost and assurance.

Business Growth

What are you doing to make your company more successful from the perspective of expansion? This can take a number of different forms, for example driving sales, enlarging wallet share or increasing productivity, so it’s important to clearly define how you intend to achieve this growth.


Efficiency includes streamlining processes to get work done faster or with less resources. This can turn around and fuel growth (for example by allowing you take on more work) or reduce costs (for example by reducing the amount of resources required).


Whether it’s external or internal, the customer experience is of utmost importance in today’s world. A good experience can increase brand loyalty among customers and retention among employees. In general, a positive customer experience is strongly tied to brand value.


Agility is the most common cloud drivers today, especially when IT is leading the charge. Being agile helps IT change and scale fast enough to keep up with business needs.


The difference between the technology driver cost and the business driver efficiency is often misunderstood. While efficiency can lead to cost savings, the cost driver focuses on reducing the cost of IT licenses or operations and/or redefining the cost model for technology solutions.


Finally, assurance encompasses the achievement of mission critical technology outcomes, such as protecting against data center crashes or security breaches and maximizing disaster recovery effectiveness. Going to the cloud for assurance frees IT to be more strategic and passes these responsibilities to a provider who is typically better at handling them than your business is.

As you begin your move to the cloud, it’s important to identify which of these factors is driving your journey. Doing so should help inform your next steps and justify making the move. The adage “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” comes to mind here. You can build your cloud program many different ways, but the best way to build it is with the components that will help you achieve your targeted drivers. Doing so is the fastest path to success and identifying your drivers lead the way.

Regardless of your organization’s maturity, you need to clearly identify your plans for growth and determine how cloud technology can help you achieve those goals. The best way to do this is to think about cloud technology in the context of business digital transformation. *story by Michael Jenkins

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