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Executive Search

The current process employed by search firms worldwide is largely the same one that has been used since the1950's! Helmsman Group is transforming the executive search with our introduction of Beacon Search Methodology. This framework focuses on improving the Scope, Accuracy, Velocity, Transparency, and End Result of our executive searches.

IT & Sales Roles We Recruit 

Why Helmsman Group

Since 2000, the Helmsman Group has provided our clients with high value, personalized executive search services utilizing our Beacon Search Methodology.  Due to our specialization and years of experience we are one of the top Firms in Texas. With your organization’s goals and objectives in mind, we address your most critical executive, senior-level, and middle-management openings by guaranteeing that your recruiting message will be delivered directly to the most qualified leaders.


We are able to deliver the depth of service in our senior-leadership executive search assignments at the C-level, GM, Senior Vice President, and Director levels due to our methodology. By utilizing superior research methods and fine-tuned qualification processes, and by accessing our extensive network of executives and high-caliber leadership talent, we are able to place candidates that are qualified and motivated to get the job done. Our service is personalized and high-touch. 


We are with our clients during every step of Beacon Search, from developing the search specifications and strategy, through the offer and closure stage. Our clients see real value in our crafting an executive search solution that emphasizes the focused strategy aspect of recruiting:  Our ability to get the right candidate to return our call, and to ultimately say “yes.”

Beacon Search Process

A unique process architected from the ground up to ensure a lasting fit between our clients and placed candidates.

Image by Sebastian Herrmann


In Person Discovery meeting with Client and Helmsman Group to define key business challenges that will be faced by the incoming executive -determine Skills and Target Information.

Business Video Call

HG Interviews

Candidate interviews
with Helmsman Group who
rates the candidate on
both Skills &
Attributes armed with
areas of focus from
BSP and the
Recruiter. A Candidate
Fit Profile is created.


Profile Confirmation

Beacon Search Profile(BSP) created and approved by the client. Once approved we identify
potential candidates that
meet your target criteria.

People shaking hands

Client Interviews + References

Client interviews the
candidate and gives
feedback on Skills &

References – Helmsman Group calls
references using the
output of Client

Image by Graham Ruttan

Initial Screening

Our Recruiting team conducts an
initial telephone screen,
and rates
candidates on the desired Skills
- feedback provided to the Helmsman Group

Successful Work Team

Finalist Hired

Finalist Candidate
selected based on Beacon Search Profile and Client hiring begins.

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