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It’s time to take a PROACTIVE APPROACH to your CAREER. Be part of Team Helmsman Group and find your next long term workplace.

It’s the truth, many jobs are filled before they are even posted. This is the case of who you know, not what you know. If you choose to partner with us, you’re in luck because we know many hiring managers and have the inside track with potential employers due to our many years of recruiting experience. ​Let’s get to know each other. Whether you reach out to us directly or you’ve been referred to us by one of our satisfied candidates or employer-clients, we take the time to get to know you.

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At Helmsman Group we take great pride in being your personal Talent Agent (aka your Jerry Maguire for your career).

Job Interview

How Are We Different?



We MINIMIZE your DOWNTIME when looking for a new role - Finding a job can be a fulltime job in itself.



We IMPROVE the MARKETING PROCESS and create a much more accurate job and environment fill - Happier candidates that stay for longer!



We INCREASE PEACE of MIND, knowing you are being introduced to the right companies for you, in the right way!

The Candidate Experience is broken

Broken Ship.jpeg

We believe most recruitment firms are still stuck in the 20th century with their methods. Here at Helmsman Group we decided to change the process and then build a platform around that, which gives both client and candidate more control of the outcomes.

Their Methods

  • No in-depth information about the company/role

  • No or slow feedback on CV

  • Slow process

  • Not transparent with the process

  • Interviews with companies that aren't the right fit

  • Didn't like the company

  • Didn't like the culture

  • Didn't like the manager

  • Left after a few months

Our Methods

  • In depth job brief and McQuaig job survey

  • Timescale schedule of work

  • Client control and Urgency

  • Candidate briefing pack

  • McQuaig and key competency questions

  • 96% retention rate

Search Our Jobs

HELMSMAN GROUP doesn’t just help you look for a job. We make sure you find one. By understanding your experience and career goals, we develop a job search plan customized to your needs. Finding a job has never been easier.

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